Ginger Scallion Beef in Hot Clay Pot
Tender slices of beef simmered in rice wine with fresh ginger roots and scallions in a hot clay pot. Heavy in aroma. The perfect dish with white rice.
chili Sizzling Black Pepper Beef
Our signature black pepper sauce, mildly spicy, intense flavor, stir-fry with beef strips, shredded green peppers and onions, served sizzling hot.
chili Shredded Beef with Spicy Szechuan Sauce
Shredded beef with red bell pepper, bamboo shoots, and black mushrooms, in spicy Szechuan style sauce.
  Star-Tay Beef with Sauteed Spinach
Tender beef slices stir-fried with tasty “Sar-Tay” sauce, on a bed of fresh sauteed spinach. A two-for-one treat! Flavor you will not find anywhere else.
  Orange Peel Beef
Tender and crispy tenderloin with orange flavored sauce.
  Curry-Coconut Beef in Clay Pot
An aromatic mixture of coconut and curry with beef and mushrooms simmered in hot clay pot.
  Mongolian Beef
Tender beef with scallions and garlic on a bed of delicate crispy noodles.
  Broccoli Beef
Fresh hand-cut broccoli spears stir-fried with beef.
  Beef with Oyster Sauce
Slices of tender beef stir-fired with fresh snow pea pods and bamboo shoots in oyster sauce


  Pepper Steak Home Style
Fresh bell pepper and onion slices stir-fried with tender slices of beef.
  Beef and Scallop
Slices of beef and tender scallops with bamboo shoots, snow peas, mushrooms, baby corn, and carrots sauteed in chef´s special sauce, served on a sizzling platter.
  Beef with String Beans 9.95
  Beef with Tomato
Slices of tender beef with tomato and onion.
  Beef with Chinese Peas 9.95
chili Sesame Seed Beef 9.95
chili Beef Hunan Style
Slices of beef w/fresh broccoli, baby corn and straw mushrooms, sauteed in chef´s spicy hot pepper sauce.
  Beef Sauteed with Asparagus (Seasonal) 11.95
chili Kung Pao Beef 9.95
  Sweet & Sour Pork with Fresh Pineapple
Tender pork cubes stir-fried with green pepper and fresh pineapple.
chili Shredded Pork with Spicy Szechuan Sauce 9.55
chili Pepper-Salt Spiced Pork Chop
Thinly sliced crispy yet tender pork chop sprinkled with salt & pepper. Refreshingly tasty. Very appetizing.
chili Pork Hunan Style
Slices of pork w/fresh broccoli, baby corn & straw mushrooms, sauteed in chef´s spicy hot pepper sauce.
chili Twice Cooked Pork
Slices of pork cooked twice with cabbage and green pepper.
  Pork with Black Mushrooms and Snow Peas 9.55
  Barbecued Pork with Chinese Peas 9.55
  Pork Sauteed with Asparagus 10.95
  Peking Ribs 10.95
chili Orange Flavored Chicken 9.55
  Orange Peel Chicken 9.55
  House Special Chicken 9.55
  Chicken with Mixed Chinese Seasonal Vegetables
Tender white meat chicken slices, sauteed w/mixed garden fresh veggies.
  Lemon Chicken 9.55
chili General Tsao's Chicken
Tender boneless chicken chunks marinated and stir-fried with scorched red pepper in our General Tsao´s sauce.
chili Spicy Kung Pao Chicken 9.55
  Sizzling Black Bean Chicken
Tender breast of chicken slices w/our signature black bean sauce, snow peas, and mushrooms. Served on a sizzling platter.
  Honey Garlic Chicken
Boneless chicken nuggets, lightly battered with a honey garlic sauce.
chili Aromatic Curry Chicken in Hot Clay Pot 9.95
  Sweet & Sour Chicken
Chunks of chicken dipped in batter, then deep fried and sauteed with vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce.
  Chicken with Cashew Nuts
Diced chicken, sauteed with crispy cashew nuts, broccoli and water chestnus in a tasty brown sauce.
  Ruby Chicken
Tender sliced chicken stir-fried and marinated in our famous Fu-Chow red wine fermented at our restaurant, surrounded with fresh broccoli.
chili Triple Salute Chicken with Basil
Supple pieces of chicken surrounded by basil, garlic and fresh gingerroot, heavy in aroma. It hits all the senses!
chili Chicken Szechuan Style 9.55
  Chicken with Pineapple
White meat chicken sauteed with fresh pineapple, carrot, green pepper and onions.
  Sesame Seed Chicken 9.55
  Moo Goo Gai Pan 9.55
  Chicken with String Beans 9.55
  Almond Chicken
Sliced white meat chicken, water chestnuts, snow peas, carrots, celery, straw-mushroom, bamboo shoots, sauteed in special white sauce.
  Chicken Sauteed with Asparagus (Seasonal) 10.95
  Roasted Duck (half)
Hong Kong Style roasted duck. Served on the bone, the ancient way.
  Buddha's Duck
Boneless roasted duck, topped w/garden fresh mixed vegetables.
  Eight-Precious Duck
Boneless roasted duck w/shrimp, scallops, chicken, roasted pork, calamari, black mushrooms, and green vegetables.
chili Orange Peel Duck
Boneless duck topped with orange peel flavored sauce.